The Manufacturing and Industrial industries represent Electric Supply's largest volume of design project experience. For manufacturing and industrial type projects, careful consideration needs to be taken regarding what the end result for the customer is. Some questions that we might consider include:


  • What type of product to they work with?
  • What are the working hours?
  • Does the facility run around the clock?
  • Are future shut downs acceptable to add to the electrical system?
  • Do future shut downs need to be build in during phase 1 of construction?




Downtime for a manufacturing or industrial company can be very costly. Electric Supply has experience working in these environments to help keep your company working at peak performance.

Past Electric Supply project electrical experience includes (but is not limited to):




  • New project builds exceeding 100,000 square feet
  • Conveyor belt systems
  • Welding equipment
  • Fabrication equipment
  • Sensor controlled lighting
  • Critical path schedule projects
  • Redesign of electrical to accommodate relocation of equipment lines from other locations
  • Air conditioned production spaces
  • Emergency generator and ATS
  • Office space
  • Storage areas
  • Crane runways indoor and outdoor
  • OH Cranes
  • Design / Build services of manufacturing and industrial businesses
  • Redesign services after build




Some businesses that Electric Supply has worked with include:




  • Raven
  • Berry Plastic
  • Hi Roller Conveyor
  • Ambesburry Truth
  • PB Metal Fab
  • Integra Plastics
  • Leeco Steel




The Electric Supply team specializes in providing accurate estimating, engineering and installation. Our nearly 100 years of experience uniquely equips us to tackle even the most complicated manufacturing and industrial projects. Whether it's a new build, building expansion, or product expansion, we can help.