Electric supply has vast knowledge in the unique electrical needs of various office buildings and financial institutions. It is imperative that the employees are comfortable in their working environment to maintain the highest quality but also that the important data stored in these facilities is not lost.

New builds and renovations must take many factors into consideration such as:


  • The workflow for each space
  • Employee comfort
  • Light levels and air flow
  • Coordinating power locations
  • Security




Workflow for each space is critical along with the environment and surrounds for employee productivity. The electrical work has a huge impact on light levels, air movement and security. Therefore, knowing what questions to ask at the start of a project is vital. Electric Supply's team has the experience you need when planning your building project, expansion or renovation. We have designed, installed and enhanced through renovation the electrical plan for numerous office buildings and financial institutions in the area.

Some projects that Electric Supply has worked on include but is not limited to:




  • Cherapa Place
  • Premier Bankcard
  • Midco




The Electric Supply team specializes in providing accurate estimating, engineering and installation. Our nearly 100 years of experience uniquely equips us to tackle even the most complicated projects. Whether it's a new build, building expansion, or product expansion, we can help.