Electric Supply knows that reliability is key to your business. That's why you should trust your communications and specialty electrical systems to Electric Supply. Our team has in depth experience working with complex and highly sensitive electrical systems throughout the design build process. Our customers consider us a valuable partner in providing quality, reliability, and a stable end product to their customer base.

Technology is changing at an ever increasing rate. In the digital, fast paced world we live in, downtime is unacceptable. An electrical disruption of even a few seconds could impact thousands and could cost the business (or its customers) millions. Therefore, as service providers introduce new technologies, the installations of specialty electrical systems will need to evolve as well. Staying current with new technologies is important to Electric Supply.

Fiber optic services have been offered by Electric Supply for over 25 years.

Examples of Communication and Specialty Electrical Systems that Electric Supply has worked on include but are not limited to:


  • Data network wiring, design and testing using latest equipment
  • Nurse call systems
  • Security systems
  • Temperature control
  • Fire alarm systems
  • System integration installations
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Door access control
  • Network clock
  • Technology centers




Systems are in every facility now so depending on the facility's needs different ones are used. Therefore, it is vital that your Electrical Contractor is up to date with the technology needed or you could end up with a brand new building or remodeled building and an outdated system.

Electric Supply will make sure your system matches your needs. A complicated system is not good if in the end it is just that complicated for you to use. We will provide you a system that is sophisticated and meets your needs but is user friendly.

The Electric Supply team specializes in providing accurate estimating, engineering and installation. Our nearly 100 years of experience uniquely equips us to tackle even the most complicated projects. Whether it's a new build, building expansion, or product expansion, we can help. Contact us to tell us more about your project needs!