Infrared Thermography in Sioux Falls, Harrisburg, Tea & Brandon, SD

Electric Supply offers Infrared Thermography for commercial and industrial customers. Bob Jarding, Senior Vice President, explains, "Electric Supply can offer in-house studies of electrical equipment using the Fluke infrared thermography equipment system. The equipment used is the latest technology and our technicians are trained and certified by Snell infrared. By using this service customers can identify possible future problems and have scheduled orderly shutdowns for repair, instead of emergency repairs which are costly, dangerous and disrupt production. The risk of failure or damage to plant or personnel is greatly reduced."

  • Preventive maintenance protects against unwanted failures
  • Equipment performance problems related to unwanted heating of electrical systems
  • Specialty trained technicians scan your electrical systems
  • Helps with insurance costs in some cases
  • Latest high tech testing equipment