Electric Supply has been the proud partner in the new build and renovation of many schools in our area. In the last nearly 100 years that Electric Supply has served our community, our children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren have been shaped by our schools and will continue to into the future. Our schools shape the minds of future generations; a fact the Electric Supply team takes very serious.

Over the course of the last 100 years of service, the needs of our schools have changed tremendously and we anticipate even more upgrades in technology over the next 100 years. From varying needs within a school, technological needs continue to increase at tremendous speed. Electric Supply will help meet the current needs of your school and set the stage for future growth and advancements. Preparing future generations for the work force and helping equip them to follow their passion is the deepest desire of the Electric Supply team.

When it comes to building and renovation projects in any educational facility, these projects typically have tight deadlines. This means that the electrical contractor must be on top of their game to meet that schedule. Electric Supply has performed for our partners' time and time again and look forward to more in the future.

Some of the School projects that Electric Supply has partnered with include:

  • Brookings Elementary
  • R.F Pettigrew
  • Discovery Elementary
  • Washington High School
  • Roosevelt High School
  • Tea Elementary School (Frontier Elementary)

The Electric Supply team specializes in providing accurate estimating, engineering and installation. Our nearly 100 years of experience uniquely equips us to tackle even the most complicated projects.