Lighting Control Systems in Sioux Falls, Tea & Brandon, SD

Electric Supply is the area's only electrical company offering factory certified startup in lighting control systems. Lighting control is an important element of your business no matter your industry. That's why Electric Supply has invested the time and training needed to have a trained electrician/technician on our staff. This person performs the initial startup and commissioning of your lighting control system along with any changes and modification after the project is complete.

Typically, a system is installed by an electrical company then commissioned and started up by a factory certified technician from out of town. These startups can be very cumbersome and, in many instances, do not get completed the first time. Nor is there enough time left for customer training.

So how does Electric Supply do this differently?


  • We allow enough initial startup and commissioning time
  • We have a dedicated designer / project manager to manage these services
  • We have a dedicated electrician that has the factory certified training




Lighting controls is an area of expertise that has received some negative feedback due to past projects experiences in which the customer did not have good service. Some common problems of lighting controls are:




  • Service not provided locally for the startup and commissioning process
  • Service not provided locally for after the initial startup
  • Not enough time allowed for training the end user




How does Electric Supply having a dedicated and factory certified electrician benefit you?




  • One person that has the electrical background, is a licensed Journeyman Worker (JW), and who is factory certified in the lighting control system is training you
  • Should you need technical support upon project completion and after, you will have someone locally available to support you
  • Owner training at project completion and after for additional training once the customer gets familiar with the facility is also available locally




How Electric Supply is different than the rest:




  • We are factory certified in lighting control systems for startup and commissioning
  • We are factory certified in end user training
  • We are factory certified in the continued support of the lighting control system, including system adds on's, modifications and changes
  • You work directly with us, not through anybody else
  • There are no 800 numbers to call and no sales strategy to worry about




From design of the lighting control system to the final installation and training, you work directly with us. The Electric Supply team is ready to design an innovative solution to your lighting control needs. Our nearly 100 years of experience uniquely equips us to tackle even the most complicated projects. Whether it's a new build, building expansion, or product expansion, we can help. CLICK HERE to tell us more about your project needs!