Large Motor Pumping Station

The motor control center for this motor pumping station is fed from a 480 volt emergency power source. Variable frequency drives are employed for accurate control and optimum efficiency.


Heliport for emergency helicopter transport building and landing pad. This project took an existing parking ramp structure and turned the top level into a heliport. A fire foam protection systems was installed to protect the facility. Underground storage tank for fuel was also installed and is monitored for leak protection and security.

Oxygen storage

Oxygen storage and distribution yard. Underground feeders and monitoring to remote buildings is provided via protect conduits. Site is monitored by security 24/7.

Medical Research Lab

The research lab pictured has 20 module for scientists to perform the experiments in a team approach. The lab has a complete generator system and also a 160 KW UPS for extra protection.

Sanford Surgical Tower

The five-story, 212,000 square foot surgical hospital was completed in 2006. This surgical facility includes 16 Operating Rooms, 38 PACU beds, 28 Prep Rooms, 45 NICU beds, a Central Sterilization Unit, and food court suite.

Sanford Children’s Hospital

The castle was completed in March of 2009. This magical, six story, 166,000 square foot medical facility includes 66 patient rooms and 12 PICU rooms, as well as clinical, radiology, and dietary support. The Sanford Children’s Hospital gives kids a welcoming and magical environment while providing the regions finest health care.

Sanford Heart Hospital

The 205,000 square foot Sanford Heart Hospital was completed in the spring of 2012. This state of the art six story collegiate gothic architectural style facility includes 2 Cath Labs, 2 Cardiovascular ORs, 1 Hybrid OR, surgical support rooms, 24 patient rooms, along with clinical and educational suites.