When it comes to your commercial remodel project, Electric Supply is the right choice.  Serving our community and surrounding areas since 1923, our highly trained electrical team is ready to meet your needs.  Like new construction, we also have a team of electricians that are dialed-in to commercial remodels and the unique needs you might have.

Serving the community and surrounding areas since 1923 has given Electric Supply the experience to solve problems using innovative solutions.  Commercial remodel projects can offer a completely different set of obstacles when compared to new construction.  When uncovering existing site conditions many things can and will be found that were not expected as part of the original scope of work.

There are many factors to consider in a short amount of time but what sets Electric Supply apart is our experienced project team. How we handle obstacles can make or break your project timeline.  Rest assured, our number one goal is to keep your project on track and meet your needs.  When items arise that need to be evaluated, we will find a solution that meets your needs, the demands of your facility, and the customer work flow.

At Electric Supply we have a separate division for accountability and competiveness that helps us ensure we are offering the best value in our commercial remodel projects.  We have experience in a variety of industries including:

The Electric Supply team specializes in providing accurate estimating, engineering and installation. Our nearly 100 years of experience uniquely equips us to tackle even the most complicated commercial remodel projects. [CLICK HERE] to tell us more about your project needs!